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It won’t come as a surprise to you that I spend a lot of time at the theatre. My passion for all things playful started when I was 12 years-old in Paris and I was cast as Juliet in my school production of Romeo and Juliet.  I was bedazzled and fell head over heels in love with Mr Shakespeare. Fast forward to the 1990s. and I was working with Sadler’s Wells, the Old Vic, the Victoria Palace, the Vaudeville and many more British theatrical beauties. I used to train box office staff on one of the first theatre ticketing systems in the UK, and spent many hours traipsing around the underbellies of these venues. Now, I’m more of a bum in the seat kind of girl, and I try to get to the theatre once a week.

I often get asked how to get the best seats in the theatre in London for the best price, but as I always go very early in the run, I tend not to get discounted tickets. And because I go so often, I tend to go for cheaper tickets in the circle or upper circle or at the back of the stalls. And to be honest, these are some great seats to be had in the “gods.” I always say the best seats at Shakespeare’s Globe are the £5 standing ones in the Yard – you’re right in the thick of the action there and it can be absolutely thrilling.

And as I am rather restless when I am seated, I always need to be on an aisle. So, I always refer to a website called SEAT PLAN. It’s free and you don’t need to book tickets on it to get a full review, including photos, of where you would be seated.Seat Plan, best seats in the theatre in London, seat reviewYou can search for a seat review via the theatre name or via the actual show you’re going to see.  So, if I wanted to go and see An Ideal Husband  at the Vaudeville for example (a delicious play, I might add), I would search for the play or for the theatre. And up pops a seating plan.

Seat Plan, best seats in the theatre in London, seat review

If you scroll from seat to seat, you will see how many reviews and photos there are for each seat in the auditorium. This might include the comfort of the seat, the view from the seat, any restrictions on the view, the legroom, cleanliness, how well you can hear the actors, etc. This is really useful, especially if you’re going for a slightly cheaper ticket, or something, say in the Circles or Balconies section of the theatre.

Seat Plan, best seats in the theatre in London, seat review

Entering the show name returns useful information such as the run time of the show, the press night and how many performances there are in total (you would be surprised how hard this information is to obtain on the theatre’s own website). It also brings up real theatregoer reviews, not those of theatre critics, which I always think is refreshing. (Oh, and just saying, the theatregoer reviews for An Ideal Husband  are simply smashing, so they agree with me!)

Seat Plan, best seats in the theatre in London, seat review, An Ideal Husband, Vaudeville Theatre

The Fantastic Mr Foxes, Edward and Freddie Fox, star in the delightfully witty An Ideal Husband  by Oscar Wilde.

Now, if you were going to post  a photo to a review, you earn £0.40 per entry, and a photo of a ticket stub gives you an additional £0.40. These all contribute to theatre tokens which can be used to purchase tickets. Whatever you do, though, do not take photos during the performance. It’s a big no no.

It’s a shame Seat Plan don’t have an App you can download. Seems to be that would be a very useful tool, especially for this theatre-obsessed lady!

Love Londoness x

Note: This is not a sponsored post, just an honest review of a tool I frequently use.

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